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Wednesday, November 10, 2010 8:07 AM

The population is not as much as Honda CB XL. What else has been modified with a view Jap's bike (JB) like this. It must have been rare. Though already sip chassis model for this style.

"Because if there is any, most still retain XL with off-road style, not made like this," said Chopp Suey, Born to Kill Custom frontman of concocting a fresh engine this old, like now.

Whereas XL has many advantages for these changes follow the flow of JB. "Especially in the affairs of the framework, because its standard form can be had in accordance with this new virus," said Yus, call famous.

"Because it's so, so if you use the XL live material and other supporting knacks think that got a perfect view," continued the owner of a garage in the area substation Jati, Bandung.

For example for the affairs of the tank. "It is most sip with body size as the tank is used Yamaha DT 100, fitting the dimensions and shape," added the man speak with a certain dialect of Sunda this thick.

Tank as the main body of motor sport at a special attention is necessary. If it can fit, just done finishing optimal. "To paint and motives, of course not arbitrary, if allowed to usual care," added this medium-bodied men.

The last step just choose knacks supporters. Well, on this bike crown Yus paste it nuanced. Look at the petrol tank cap. "Not only that you know, even to creep into the seat and Footstep all.

This motor king, "proud.


Rims: Yamaha Nouvo
Tires: Dunlop 130/90-16 H-D
Sok back: KTC
Handlebar: Tiger
Tank: Yamaha DT 100
Born to Kill Custom: (022) 91170199

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