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Honda CB100 K5 1981 (Cilacap) Trial Objections

Thursday, October 21, 2010 5:12 AM

Tired of using a motorcycle touring, Aldi Riyadi try to move the bow. Do not want the responsibility, selected flow path adventure extreme use dewek gawean trial. Unfortunately, the construction still looks heavy. How can a rock climbing?

Referring to the Scorpa 250 cc, this changed his old motorcycle. "I happened to open his own garage, so you can press the spending," said resident Jl. Damar, No. 5, Cilacap.

The first step in making a new order using 1-inch diameter galvanized. The original order was taken only komstir pipe and frame number. One by one the assembled pipe used for steel welding electrodes code LB.

Front shock absorbers wear Binter Merzy. In addition to a larger diameter than the motor sport that many are produced in Indonesia, considered as a longer pipe. However, native-born men Manado May 16, 1988 is still increasing the length so much as 7 cm at the top with cast iron.

To be resilient and leak, the new tank is made using 0.9 mm galvanized plate. Similarly the back cover, made from galvanized. To adjust the rear sepatbor elasticity, plastic drums commonly chosen to preserve fish.

In order to pull more light, suction and exhaust holes are refined. Re dibalans crankshaft. Magnets dibubut 0.5 mm. To add energy, standard disposable piston Mega Pro.

Tires 70/100-19 front Dunlop
Rear tire IRC 3.00 X18
Yamaha YZ80 Front rim
Handlebars Custom
Monosok Satria

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