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Honda CB100 1976 (Jogja) Concept Daily Burst

Thursday, October 21, 2010 3:22 AM

Realize the concept of combined motor mounts for the market, not as easy as what was envisioned. Especially if you just look on paper. As evidenced Yosef Rizal ST., Courtier Trexindo. Based Honda CB100, the view is now more energetic because of the echoes abis Bennelli TNT and touch Xaxis Honda motorcycle concept.

But the Honda CB100's residents Fendrik West Kalimantan, predominant alteration Bennelli like TNT. You could see a radical change in the original chassis that combined pieces of the framework Suzuki Satria. "Framework of CB100 which dapakai just the front. That'll keep the engine position sip. Rear chassis redesign of round iron welded to the chassis center Satria, "said Rizal who admit kerjaanya rushed for follow contezt U Mild U Bikers, Jogja.

Still chasing the impression Benneli TNT, the man born in Padang, West Sumatra, try re dispensing Honda CB100 body by applying glass fibers to cover the framework. Main landing fairing radiator cover water, tank and spine. Little that distinguishes the concept Rizal with TNT in the form of shell lamps Satria F-150 is mated to the cover body.

Well, if you want to see a touch of concept motorcycle Honda CB100 Xaxis on this, can see the legs. For example forefoot designed mono arm, but remained stable due to suspension monosok supported. As shown in the bottom komstir.

"It was designed from a combination of closed pipe monosok Satria paralon large size. Being part of a mono arm that binds to the wheels must be made from bebet so strong, "said Rizal who said Delly Tire tire wear on the rim Sprint.

Likewise, the hind legs. Handmade-shaped swing arm that has supported pro-arm single shock absorbers. According to an alumnus of University of Proclamation 45 Yogyakarta, the pivot link connecting the handle monosok designed directly tied to the arm swing. Being the holder of the iron grip of shock absorbers and original footrests exploited citizens Jl. Wahid Hasyim, No. 212, Condong Catur, Yogyakarta. As a result, damping and bantingannya is not too hard.

Rear disc bolted
Carrying pro arm, apparently modifier must be able to think in order to put disc brakes on rear wheels. But for Rizal, it was not a problem. Because the original disc mounted on the drum to the right, now tied at the left.

"The dish disposable product variations Satria F-150. Then each leg tied to a bone nut-bolt rims that were previously drilled. Deh new brake caliper adapter is created and adjusted the position of pairs of discs, "said Rizal.

Allergies Path Loss
The idea that poured motor concept Yosef Rizal was okay. Just unfortunately, the finishing touches Honda CB100 intercross Bennelli Xaxis TNT and it was still less than perfect. Many curves do not match, coarse and less sleek. "Understandably, catch events," kelit Rizal.

Not only that. Short handlebars in front of the tank which extends out to make hard drive motor. Proven ya go scrut motor failed when contezt U Mild U Bikers in Yogyakarta. Of course the reason for the short turn radius. Well, allergy dong jammed roads.

Data Modification
Sok behind Suzuki Satria
Front rim 2.50 Sprint X17
Sprint rear rim 3.00 X17
Pictures:onda CB100 1976 and 1974 (Jakarta)

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