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1978 Honda CB 100 by Agan okcuy

Thursday, October 14, 2010 8:22 AM

1978 Honda CB 100 by Agan okcuy

Classic Motorcycles. early ni got this motor gan, ntu time when ane still in junior high, ane emang demen nih've same motor CB 100. trus kalo tau ane ane my father liked CB 100 motor is directly search for n father ane nih ditawarin same motor then the motor touts Honda CB 100 color Blue in 1974 (this bargaining in 2002) at 2,500,000, trus pas occurred bargaining came nyokap ane then immediately do not agree about the purchase of the old motor, then tertundalah ane desire to woo blue motorcycle cb 100 itu.dan nyokap direct ane dah want to buy a new motor type pre-S * X in 2002 (I heart her very happy) but in her heart still ane pengen cb 100 motor that, year after year missing n in the end have also nih ane CB 100 motorcycle with his own toil, n ane same father bought his girl ane (Insha Allah ane mo tuh cewek ane are applying next year, hehehe so curcol) back to the topic. ane then be tuh motor nut with the price of two million dollars trus dah ane very happy because ane nih buy motor with hard-earned ane sendri (Collect the money from semester 1-7 motor just for CB 100) and during 2007 - now, girl ane never been ashamed to ride tuh same CB 100 motor ane.
Oya Ni ane motor penampakkanya gan

Specifications 1978 Honda CB 100
Type: Honda CB 100
Year: 1978
Engine Capacity: 99 cc
Color: Red Stripe white Skotlite Pake
Taxes: 2014 Length
Akesoris: Wind Shield, Wing, Spion variation

So first of ane

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