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Oracle Modification Concept: Honda CB 100 Retro Classic

Sunday, September 5, 2010 5:14 AM

Old motors that are now emerging. Besides the cheap price is also nice because it can be modified for dicangkokan HONDA generation engine components such as the GL 100, GL PRO, TIGER can also annexed the other motor components semisan Home RX-KING SHOCK etc.

Dipenghujung year 2000 the motor was only appreciated about 300 thousand, then increased to 700 thousand, two years ago are still around one million and this year the price jumped again About a 1.8 million. Fantastic .... it's all thanks to the act of the modifier that makes this motor CB MOTOR BASE MODIFICATIONS. But for modification aka SPEED TRAIL RUN or for a small CC is not qualified it must be in UP Bore using TIGER piston. Costs dikeluarkanpun so swollen. Suggestions for a better CB MODIF want to take a base that one or two levels above such as GL 100, GL PRO atan dimodifnya better because its machines easier and CHEAPER modified.

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