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Honda C70 "Classic Motorcycle - Amazing Custom Cub"

Friday, September 24, 2010 8:01 AM

Honda C70 Classic Motorcycle Pictures

Honda C70 - Old Motor Classic

Honda C70 "Amazing Custom Cub"

THE owner of a small capacity motors from Japan, continues to innovate and take a portion to take part in developing Japs style trends. No lag, 1978 Honda C70 alerts also took part in the stream of fashion style these modifications. The owner is Andre Utomo Mose, art enthusiasts motor modifications. While penggarapnya is Yasashii Garage, who practiced at Jalan Lodaya Bandung.

The workshop is one of a decent home modifications responsible for outbreaks of Japs style among young people in Bandung and Jakarta. Some works by Alexander Seandy Yasashii Garage and his friends as his builder, make the world more lively old motor modifications. Contest was more life and color made.

Discard or remove some parts that are considered necessary, be done in the process of modifying the motor-ma berperfor this small. Stage cut and holding reteli continues, but the balance and symmetrical forms remain to be done with pull string and other measurable effort. Some styles change quite prominent in this Honda Cub C70, represented by the adopted model of a custom exhaust bottle.

In another section, the triple was using components commonly used in Honda 90S. Apply custom artistic tank cap crown. For handlebar racer, circuit components designed dog bone from brass material, used as the main part is quite prominent.

Likewise, the custom style lamp that is used on the front. Style modifications such as this demand because it looks simple. Motor more comfortable and cozy, and feels lighter and agile to be used as a daily vehicle. For that use of the front tires Swallow Salur type size rear tire size 250-17 and 300-17 was worthy of use. Simpelnya makeup style is also shown through the use of custom starter pedal and both left and right step is also a custom style.

In the sector of machines that also looks simple, custom cub special and touched by this extraordinary effort bore-up, of standard condition 70 cc to 100 cc to more or less equivalent performance type of motor sport in his day. In addition, the gear system used was wearing jockey system is no less artistic shifts with other custom motorcycles.

Amazing custom cub, a fitting nickname for a fixed motor embrace the functional characteristics of a vehicle. Trends and stretching the flow of this modification will continue or even less likely to erode the time. Those who like classic Japanese motorcycle with an elegant aesthetic claim, will increasingly attract attention, transmit and cultivate new interests for other automotive enthusiasts.

Fun in the process of building, such as standard built-in motor to cut the chassis, up to redesign the performance of new components in accordance with the desired concept, is the sequence of a very exciting job, (sadly)

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