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Adler MB 250 Germany 1956

Sunday, September 5, 2010 5:23 AM

SATRIO Permadi, quite appropriate was called by the antique maniac of the motor collection.
In his house most notable 37 antique motor units began the year 30-70.
His make then was varied, from Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Triumph, BSA and Adler.
Nah, this last make that became one of the of the resident's Gresik pride, East Java this.
"I liked this motor."
Apart from his form was funny, this motor also including one of the rare motors.
Satrio quite appropriate to be proud, his article of Adler made by 1956 could be still being the Adler motor the only available in Indonesia.
"For me the Indonesian circle and visited antique motor clubs almost all over Indonesia, I had never found there are those that had this artificial German motor," he continued.
Satrio narrated the beginning got this motor owing to information from one of his friends last 1999.
"There was the friend that the information love if in the Jombang area, East Java had the motor that just was not antique but also rare will be sold," he said.
Satrio then at once slid to Jombang.
And apparently, he at once fell in love in tampilan this motor.
Moreover after being tried, his machine still quite good for the measurement.
"Moreover, all of his spare parts also still could be functioning," he revealed.
In a supplied manner Rp money 6 million, finally he then succeeded in getting him.
And he was then increasingly happy after knowing the history of this motor.
The "owner's words beforehand, this motor was brought directly by Germans when spreading the Christian religion in Indonesia (the missionary)," he explained.
Since getting him up to now, Satrio claimed did not yet do modification to his motor.
"I indeed wanted to maintain his authenticity."
Because, if being reorganised with modern motor accessories, later his name not the antique motorcycle,"he said.

While driving this motor, Satrio admitted to never experiencing the significant obstacle.
"This motor not fussy."
Most the hindrance that was dealt with by the problem of the speed then.
Understand that the old motor, 'fastest' only could progress in the range 70 km/the hour, he revealed.
Another thing that made him increasingly loved this motor that is because of the condition shockbreaker this motor that still was very comfortable.
"Shockbreaker still quite soft."
Everything was supported with per in the saddle that increased safe during ride,"said him.
Satrio also explained that this motor including the luxurious motor in his time.
Some for example to be the existence of the key for the Adler steering wheel.
"So, if passing the straight tracks, was enough turned plat behind the steering wheel."
Then this motor could go straight without must hold stang,"he said.
For the problem of the maintenance, Satrio also said if uptil now the maintenance of this motor also was not difficult.
"His maintenance not complicated, it was important the substitute" for "machine oil in an orderly fashion has been enough," he revealed.
(Source :Pontianak post january 23,2005)

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