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Viar VioR 125 CC Low Cost Scooter Like Yamaha Mio

Friday, August 13, 2010 7:47 AM

At first glance resemble the style of Yamaha Mio, with the front line and behind the curve. Only the headlights with a wider 125 VioR sharp angle. Additional lighting design is also similar to Mio, just in front cover 125 VioR given the similar grille car grille.

VioR holding 125 cc engine, four-stroke, which can generate power 9.5 hp at 7000 rpm rotation. This engine is claimed to minimal vibration, very responsive, and fuel economy.

Another interesting feature is the existence of two trunk behind the seat. VioR 125 also features a double shock absorber for driving stability. Ground clearance is quite high, 150 mm was made in anticipation tandem conditions.

Viar was born in 2000, started from a consortium together with Taiwan. But now Viar was totally away from them. Viar and claimed to be a native Indonesian motorcycle. “100% no one say the same components with an existing brand in Indonesia. But we are still 40% imported materials, “said Dalie.

Viar mempuyai large factory in Semarang with an area 20 hectares. This makes Viar as one motorcycle brand of non-Japanese brands a serious build dynasties in Indonesia.

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