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MODIFIKASI Kawasaki KLX150 2009 | The Scrambler-Poser

Sunday, August 22, 2010 8:33 PM

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki KLX150 2009 | The Scrambler-Poser

Those who understand the world of motorcycles, must title is philosophically very contradictory. Scrambler aka the climbers trail extreme street course different habitats with the flow like pose poser famous soap dust, and avoid riding daily behavior.

All that visited workshop epithet R-59 Racing through intention if owner Ergus aka R-Gus and mechanical Hary Anggi. Here's the story, they can be brand new motor, KLX150. Body-street trail makes this bike suitable for heavy duty and dual pupose. "If want modifed mostly for such purpose or further thicken the aroma of sports," explained R-Gus.

For them it's all boring! In short, the concept of direct tryed trail-poser. In the framework of the sector, KLX already qualified and did not need much dismantled. Clothes and legs are so aesthetic point of departure. "Ground clearance of the motor should be higher than the original. For that purpose there shall be substituted the front tomorrow, "they explained. Upside down YZ125 so coveted. Moderate rear modifi nothing doing things with.

KLX appearance of that choice certainly changed a lot. The more muscular, origin workshop Ciputat, Tangerang is changing the front-rear wheel so SuperMoto true. 130/70-17 and 120/70-17 tires selected by 3-inch rear rim and 2 inches in front.

Talk poser start when talking about the body. R-Gus and Harry discuss aesthetics ikwal Airbrush art by Tomy who love tribal designs and fancy graphics. Tomy tastes seem to play a lot. Candy colors, delicate carvings and makes this bike is unique. Em-Plus got the impression his own! Varnish tends to smooth and thick make nock not dazzle. We think thats extraordinary ride!.

There are hidden from their customized behavior. workshop him being the pilot piston brand Thai CPI measures 61.5 mm. Piston was able to boost the capacity of a 175 cc engine.

Unfortunately, population size is still 15 mm piston CPl. So when it entered into must be elevated wear KLX boss. Kan pen hole 14 mm piston KLX standards, "explained R-Gus who consider potential because they do not need sleep crankcase, boring and just not replace just orter.

Then blended again, the valve in 30 mm and 24 mm standard ex karbu coupled with the already rely on the standard ignition BRT Dual Band. Noken cuted and compression set as 4.12: 1.

increasingly nice rear gear made more severe through the reduction of two eyes. Result, the motor under the stern and above. Rpm can be up to 12 000.


Tires: Swallow
Rims: Suzuki Thunder 250
Handlebar: Fat Bars Kitaco
Exhaust: LD Racing
Front brake: Suzuki Thunder 250th
CDI: BRT Dual Band
Taillights: LED
Handlebars fatbar: Kitaco
Braking: Kosso

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