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Modifikasi Honda GL Pro 1995 ala Ducati Monster

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 5:17 AM

Modified Honda GL Pro 1995 a la Ducati Monster

Got a Honda GL Pro? Touch of modification Abdul Aziz, a modifier of the A1 Modified from Magetan, this may be so inspiring. Aziz claimed to follow the example of the Ducati Monster 696 to change the look of his 1995 Pro GL. Ducati has remained predominant characteristic thick with 'bones' that runs from the tank to carry the old orange seats.

Modifikasi Honda GL Pro 1995
Modified Honda GL Pro 1995

Ducati Monster 696 Tongkrongan drawn from the tank and a tubular frame. Although using one-inch diameter pipe tralis and anyway does not function as the original on the Ducati, he makes it as closely as possible. Unless the pipe from the middle to the back not just a sweetener, but it had a duty as pengnuat body. Medium front frame is still the standard default.

Monster continues to inspire menjelar covering the tip of the stern seat, making the display a single seater. Unfortunately, finishing a little less neat because there is still a gap between the stern seat with fiber materials made from it.

So also with the engine cover had to be closed because pacunya very small kitchen. The design of rigid, heavy impression arising under. Nevertheless, there is a breakthrough of Abdul Aziz for the exhaust system.

Notice the muffler design. Hot legs stung motorists can, in fact been eliminated with aluminum components originating from the copy machine. "Inside the machine there is a roll of aluminum tubes and apparently made good because of the exhaust heat resistant," he said.

Remarkably, despite a long journey, knlapot could still be held. rada although she admitted a little bit warm. Then, on the front of the radiator-radiatoran given. To mdel headlights, Yamaha MT Abdul terinspirirasi same. Lamp itself was taken from the Honda Revo. (Source:

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