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Honda Drive sprocket spare part

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 8:29 PM

Boasts a lightweight and rugged S45C (high-carbon steel) is the front sprocket with.
Sprocket is a consumable.As a general rule of thumb when driving around 1000km please do check each driving sprocket.(If diminishing Please replace the tooth.Lubricate the chain and sprocket life is much better Daily.)
Even numbers front sprocket rear sprocket-driven acceleration number of pages about this reduction ratio is large number of reduction ratio, and said little about the fastest-oriented.

HONDA NSR50: NSR80: NS-1: NS50F: MBX50: CRM50: CRM80: MONYET / Gorilla / Monkey Hubba: DAX 50: DAX 70: MONYET R / RT: JAZZ: MAGNA50 (AC13 semua model): CHALY 50/70 : solo (AC17 semua model): GIORCUB (AF53 semua model): CD50/BENLY 50 S / BENLY CL50 (FNO.CD50-1300001 ~): CD90/BENLY 90 (FNO.HA03-1.000.003): Cub50/Little Super Cub ( FNO.C50-8000026 ~ / AA01-1000001 ~): Super Cub70 (FNO.C50-8000035 ~): Super Cub90 (FNO.HA02-1100017 ~): DREAM50 (AC15 semua model): APE 50 (AC16 semua model): APE 100 (HC07 semua model): Motado XR50: Motado XR100: XR70R (FNO.DE02-1.000.001 1.299.999): NSF100

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