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Honda CB 125 1975, 1978 dan 1979 (Bengkulu) Terkesan Sama Om Renegade

Sunday, August 15, 2010 7:33 AM

Honda CB 125 1975, 1978 dan 1979 (Bengkulu) Terkesan Sama Om Renegade

Three bikers Honda CB 125 rider was to be the club mascot Honda CB Bengkulu. Aja Clearly, the motor display Mukhlisin, Izzam Zakwan, and Sohanto different from other bro. They are stylish chopper ala Om Renegade. That right, the movie starring Lorenzo Lamas.

"Create the streets of Bengkulu, more sip chopper model. The road turns and ups and downs, "they said in unison. Business of manufacture, mukhlisin, and entrusting to Yulines Izzam. While Sohanto ngebangun own pede.

Although, practically less Bengkulu bikers 'sounds' in Antero bikers archipelago. But they did not lose with modifications in P. sodaranya Java. "I took my bike MODIF from the cesspool," explained Sohanto.

Biker is located in the region of Ds. Trulung, KM.5, Manna, South Bengkulu very efficient. Almost all the details take some of the components used goods. For example, Footstep front of the bull-bar car. "Anyway designed so that the car horn so the footrests," explained biker who was a carpenter by profession.

Rear brake lever, too. Sohanto memodif kick starter as injakannya. "For cable back and forth movement used a ball bearing," he explained.

Different from duo sohibnya bro. They prefer other brands cannibals. "For stabilizing, I added front suspension stabilizer bars," explained Yulines who install these devices on the motor Mukhlisin.

Interestingly, the motor makes the duo look chilling goose bumps. "Our motor is more sensational," they said in unison. Because, two tanks and motorcycles owned Mukhlisin Izzam dilabur airbrush skull motif.

Views spooky not to frighten. "Show differences are necessary in a club," they proudly.

Data Modifikasi
Honda CB 125 Mukhlisin
Mesin Estede
Lampu depan Yamaha Y6
Cakram, master depan Yamaha RX-King
Sein variasi
Honda CB 125 Izzam Zakwan
Mesin Estede
Sok depan Kawasaki Merzy
Rem, cakram, Master Yamaha RX-King
Sepatbor Honda CB-100
Lampu depan variasi mobil
Karburtor Honda GL-100
Honda CB Sohanto
Mesin Korek jalanan
Koil Suzuki Carry
Footstep belakang Vespa
Footstep depan made in dewek
Tuas rem belakang made in dewek


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