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Honda CB 100 Tahun 1974 Modifikasi Atraktif dan Inovatif

Sunday, August 15, 2010 7:39 AM

IF creations made motorcycle repair shop punggawanya ER modification Garut, Arif was no need to doubt. Interesting ideas and innovations often appear on each claim-garapannya. Including modifications to one's work as outlined in the Honda CB 100 hers.

Even unmitigated all parts of his Honda CB suffered total destruction, leaving only the frame and engine. Part machine was only part of the original outward luggage, while the "innards" were adopted from Honda GL Pro. Even so, with a fairly painstaking cultivation, the motorcycle which was long regarded any appearance looks attractive again. Just look at every part of his motorcycle as though nothing had missed going to be changes.

One of these body sector. In this section the change seems obvious. Handlebar steering sector fronted hand made, completed with one type of fruit tachometers labeled R. Especially for the head lamp, changes that made Arif ER is quite innovative and unique. Two lamps are incorporated Jupiter MX Sein makes it looks like a spotlight.

Other changes occurred at the Honda Tiger tanks that replace the original tank positions. After the tank is enhanced graphics added coakan airbrush spray holes in the bottom, equipped with a shockbreaker at the end of the tank. Tank capacity at all costs will be reduced to approximately 7 literan.

Followed by the display changes made from an acrylic seat and rear body Mega Pro which has been in the airbrush spray. No lag, hand made two-way exhaust to make his appearance looks fierce. Supported the existence of product variations Posh becoming more vibrant blue color modification.

Not satisfied with the modifications, Arif who open shop in Jln. Brata Yudha 104, Garut reconstruction in the sector's legs. Front legs made strong by putting shockbreaker Mega Pro and Yoko on the back of the product. For the wheel, change a little "nyeleneh" he displays in order to support the concept of a sports modification.
Standard rim is reorganized into two flats with a rim of Yamaha Mio, Honda CB makes his appearance seem more attractive. Special enough plugging the round rubber tires Posh labeled small-sized front and rear 200-17. As a result, performance motorcycle output in 1974 has become more vibrant and full of innovation. No wonder if some of the awards he achieved from each event who participated in the contest. (Dian)

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