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Harley-Davidson - 9 New Models In 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010 3:33 AM

Harley-Davidson Motor Company back to meet the desires of fans who thirst for a new style and appearance. In this year alone there were at least nine new models are ready to attract you to come to the nearest Harley-Davidson Dealer. Nine of this model is truly a perfect concept, nine is a perfect number saying goes. The nine new models this is really intriguing and seductive eyes as she saw it. From a luxurious, elegant, to simple and mysterious. will try to comment on it from our perspective (not a test ride) as a material consideration when you have a desire to have it. Here's his review.

1. Ultra SE (Electra Glide Ultra Classic Screamin Eagle).

Ultra has always been known as the highest caste production of Harley-Davidson Motor Company. While the Screamin Eagle is the tribe (nation) peak. So it is clear that Harley is the highest of the nation's highest rates. The King of Kings said the sage. Without further comment, clearly Ultra SE is the choice for the high berselara, luxurious look and seem well established. Say suitable for most middle-aged biker old or thereabouts, with a brilliant career / directing large corporations. Another advantage of the Ultra SE is that even though this has produced almost 5 years, but every year has its own uniqueness. Consider the numbers behind the product code (FLHTCUSE2, FLHTCUSE3, etc.), meaning that although the name Ultra SE has been produced so far, but every year is a separate individual. So, its not the Kings og Kings, but The King of Kings, it's just that every year happen devolution of power to the prince. There was never a FLHTCUSE2 2009 for example, only 2007 FLHTCUSE2 yes, thats the "Uniqe" in our opinion.

2. Street Glide SE (GlideScreamin Eagle Street).

Street Glide style synonymous with young children and Screamin Eagle certainly has been discussed above. Harley Street Glide SE is a new, completely new. HDMC new this time to produce it, if you're lucky, and next year no longer manufactured, then you become the owner of the limitation. We think this bike look quite luxurious but simple. Describing the figure of a young, successful, stylish and rich. British princes like a handsome, wealthy and admired women, this Harley figures like that.

3. Softail SE (Screamin Eagle Softail Convertible).

Softail usually synonymous with "the real Harley." Many people say that his name was Harley Davidson Softail. For some senior biker, Harley Softail is a simple figure but respectable, because it is associated with a history of harley where this form has been long enough known. Softail SE Convertible is a new concept offered by the HDMC. Combined between the concept of easy touring and cruise the city can be changed-fox (Convertible) in a short time. For a moment he could be touring the Harley-concept, a moment he can be very compact invited to hang out / kongkow club with friends at a cafe in the middle of town where the currency pairs will meilirik beautiful colors. Harley to the point of this luxury (obviously, its "the expensive" Screamin Eagle), multifunctional and simple. We judged it was almost like a Street Glide SE, suitable for the young and well established. But it is possible for pembesut Ultra SE to have it as simply an additional display of your luxury home in the garage or just go for coffee at the cafe in downtown luxury.

4. Ultra Limited (Electra Glide Ultra Limited).

Harley is a new variant in the highest caste. In business, Harley is by HDMC produced to fill the void at the level between the Ultra "regular" with Ultra SE. It was like a cousin of the King. He was respected, admired, but not absolute power. To the point is suitable for your Harley-minded collectors. We will not know until when Harley was manufactured, if it is really limited as the name so its really-really collectable, uniqe, one of a kind, rare and very whorthed for you to have it as excessive pride. Or for those of you who still want to show steady but low profile, Harley is still suitable for you.

5. Custom Roadglide

6. Fat Bob SE.

7. Lo Fat Boy

8. Dyna Wide Glide

9. Street Glide trike.

The next episode we will comment on five others, stay tuned ...

Safe Rides and Keep Rollin ..

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