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CB Design Slot Car Wheels

Saturday, April 3, 2010 12:06 AM

Product Description

*** NEW ***

As the product name suggests, the CB Design Stock Car Wheel is designed to enhance the performance and appearance of 1/32 Stock Cars. The CB Design Stock Car Wheel design is based on an actual, real-life stock car wheel - as such, it will look right at home on virtually any of the 1/32 Nascar's offered by Scalextric, SCX and Carrera (except Classics). Like other CB Design wheels, the Stock Car Wheel features a hubless design and does not require inserts. CB Design (CBD) Stock Car Wheels offer the following features and benefits:

* True stock car design complements a wide variety of 1/32 slot cars makes and models including Scalextric, SCX and Carrera (see photo gallery at top of page for examples). These wheels are available in two (2) finishes - aluminum or black anodized aluminum.
* Precision machined using state-of-the-art CNC machine tools which ensure CBD Wheels are perfectly round and the axle bore is concentric with both the outer wheel surface and longitudinal axis of the axle.
* Perfect concentricity between the axle bore and longitudinal axis of the axle is achieved by designing all CBD Stock Car Wheels for a specific axle ( SIPA01). Tolerances between the axle bore and axle are very snug. When mounting or dismounting CBD Wheels on the recommended axle, resistance will be noticeable. Again, this is by design - the snug fit ensures concentricity is maintained when the set screw is tightened. The result – ZERO wheel wobble or vibration which translates into better performance whether in a straight line or while cornering.
* Sturdy, race proven design. Some of our competitors wheel's achieve lighter weight at the expense of the durability. Ultra-lightweight wheels can be prone to "bending" - particularly when subjected to "offs" and hits during actual racing. Once bent, the wheel "wobbles" which in turn adversely affects the car's performance. In contrast, CBD Stock Car Wheels are designed to be raced under the most demanding conditions - rest assured they will survive crashes and trips to the floor!
* True hubless design provides exceptional flexibility when adjusting the rear track width. This is particularly important when rules specify the wheel/tire must be completely inside the fender and/or a maximum track width. Sidewinder setups can be especially challenging in this respect. CBD Stock Car Wheels provide serious racers the ability to run wider tires under a greater variety of cars than our competitor's full and "small" hub wheel designs.
* Easy to locate the retaining set screw using small dimples machined on both the inside and outside of wheel. This is especially helpful if the tire is glued to the wheel and you can’t easily peel the tire back to locate the set screw.
* Designed to work with Super Tires (R) and Yellow Dog Super Tires (R). CBD Stock Car Wheels were designed and tested to ensure the tire contact patch is as flat as possible. Rear wheels accept Super Tires 1007, 1008 or 1009 which are available in silicone ("Classic") or urethane ("Yellow Dog") compounds.
* Affordable alternative to other manufacturer’s more costly high-performance wheels.

CB Design Stock Car Wheels are available in two (2) sizes:


15x10mm (Rear) - Use Super Tires Classics (silicone) 1007C, 1008C, or 1009C or Yellow Dog Super Tires (urethane) 1007Y. O.D.'s for these tires are as follows - 1007 (.815"/20.70mm), 1008 (.830"/21.08mm) or 1009 (.845"/21.44mm)

15x8mm (Front or Rear) - If you plan to use these as front wheels, use 19x10 Zero Grips or similar. If you plan to use these as rear wheels, use Super Tires Classics (silicone) 1403C, 1404C or 1405C. If you prefer Yellow Dog Super Tires (urethane), use 1403Y, 1404Y or 1405Y. O.D.'s for these tires are as follows - 1403 (.777"/19.74mm), 1404 (.805"/20.45mm) or 1405 (.840"/21.34mm)

Tips For Using CB Design Stock Car Wheels

To ensure the best possible performance and to prevent inadvertent damage to the axle and/or CBD Stock Car Wheels, please review and follow these tips.

* Use ONLY the recommended axle - (tm) part number SIPA01. As mentioned previously, CBD Stock Car Wheels were designed specifically to fit this axle. Note that other manufacturers "3/32 inch" axles and drill blanks do NOT have the same EXACT outer diameter as the (tm) axle. As a result, these axles and/or drill blanks are either too small (loose fit = wobble/vibration/hopping) or too large (wheel will not fit - the wheel will be damaged if forced on).
* Use a new axle. Used axles often have scratches and/or foreign material present on the outer surface which can prevent the CBD LMP Wheels from fitting onto the axle properly (yes - the tolerances are that close...).
* Ensure the inside face of the wheel is perpendicular to the axle before pushing the wheel onto the axle. When the axle is lined up properly with the CBD Stock Car Wheels axle bore, minimal effort should be required to push the wheel onto the axle. A small but noticeable amount of resistance is normal - this "snug" fit is part of the CBD Wheels design. Never force the wheel onto the axle!
* Even with precision machined parts, there will be some variation from one part to the next. This holds true for the recommended (tm) axles and CBD Stock Car Wheels. Occasionally you may have an axle with a slightly larger than normal outer diameter and a CBD Stock Car Wheel with a slightly smaller inner diameter (axle bore) - the result may be a very "snug" fit. When this occurs, slowly twisting the CBD Stock Car Wheel as it is being pushed onto the axle will sometimes help. Again, don't force the wheel on the axle!
* If a given CBD Stock Car Wheel cannot be pushed onto the axle after following the tips above, try using another (new) axle if one is available.
* Don't overtighten the retaining set screw! The set screw just needs to be snug - overtightening can strip the threads in the wheel. This tip applies to all aluminum "set screw" wheels - not just CBD Stock CarWheels.

Note: Cars and other props shown with wheels are for illustrative purposes only (NOT included with wheel purchase)


1. Can I use the stock tires that came with the car? No - refer to earlier section which describes which tires fit the CB Design Stock Car Wheels.
2. Can I use the CBD Stock Car Wheels on knurled axles? No! Doing so will damage the wheel. See "Tips For Using CB Design Stock Car Wheels" for more information.
3. How much do CBD Stock Car Wheels weigh? Rear - 2.5g; front - 2.0g

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