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2010 Piaggio MP3 300 replaces 250 model

Monday, April 19, 2010 6:16 PM

Piaggio is replacing the 250cc version of its MP3 three-wheeled scooter with a new larger displacement model with ride-by-wire throttle control.

Piaggio says the MP3 300 has the same maximum horsepower as the 250 but reaches its peak at a lower rpm.

The Piaggio MP3 300 will replace the 250 as the mid-sized version in the MP3 lineup, slotted between the 125, 400 and 500 models. It’s not clear however when the MP3 300 will be available in North America where the 250 was the smallest model offered.

The new model uses a fuel injected 278cc engine, replacing the previous 244cc power plant. Piaggio says the new engine produces 22.5hp at 6,500 rpm (compared to 22.5hp at 8,250 rpm with the old engine) of power and 17.1 ft-lb. at 6,500 rpm (up from 15.5 ft-lb. at 6,750 rpm) of torque, while consuming less fuel.

The Piaggio MP3 300 will also be the first in the line to have ride-by-wire electronic throttle control. According to Piaggio, the electronic control optimizes the air/fuel mixture for smoother power directory.

The entire MP3 range will get new front and rear light clusters. The new headlights get a silver backing while the taillight has a new sleek shape.

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