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2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 12:00 AM

Designed to offer a high-level base package with the stock engine and chassis performance to satisfy even professional racers, the already potent Ninja ZX-10R receives some fine-tuning and a revised styling package for 2010.

Delivering 192 PS with Ram Air and a super-wide powerband, the Ninja ZX-10R’s engine has a performance potential similar to Kawasaki factory superbike race machines.

Engine settings and advanced technology like KIMS result in a silky smooth throttle response, ensuring a superb relationship between the rider’s wrist and the rear wheel. Power delivery is seamless and linear, facilitating control, yet the Ninja ZX-10R’s exhilarating engine feel, especially at high-rpm, is sure to have riders grinning in their helmets.

Highly responsive to rider input, the Ninja ZX-10R turns almost as quickly as a 600cc class machine. Confidence-inspiring front end, mid-corner stability, as well as the performance, control and feel offered by Kawasaki’s triple petal disc brake package all contribute to cornering pleasure.

The combination of an ultra-high feedback chassis and tactile ergonomics result in a highly communicative package that enables the two-way dialog between man and machine that is required to ride at the highest level. The main frame, rear frame and swingarm were designed to transmit information to the rider. Ergonomics, especially the tank and seat, maximize the rider’s contact with the bike. The handlebar/seat/pegs relationship offers a naturally aggressive riding position, ideal for riding on the track.

Adding to the Ninja ZX-10R’s potent circuit potential are features like its highly acclaimed back-torque limiter and highly visible instrument cluster. For 2010, the 10R receives a new-design Öhlins steering damper, and revisions to the transmission shift mechanism offer improved shift touch.

New front cowl gives the Ninja ZX-10R a stronger family resemblance to its smaller sibling, the Ninja ZX-6R. Revisions to the minimalist bodywork and a new muffler design contribute to a lighter looking appearance.

Imbued with technology tried and tested on Kawasaki racers, the Ninja ZX-10R shines on the track, especially on fast, flowing circuits. Although designed to offer maximum rider excitement on the circuit, the same qualities that enable its high circuit performance make it fun for sport riding on the street.

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