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1974 Honda CB100 Classic Modification (Indonesia)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 7:22 AM

Honda CB100 was assembled in 1974, is owned by M. Feriandi domiciled in Cikarang. Like other adherents of the flow modification, the desire to be different and I'm really highlighted. But nonetheless, remains the main function. Bro Andi though demen classic motorcycles, classic problems are reluctant to be bothered. Yup. Moreover, if it was not easy to strike, easy problems. Therefore, one spindle CB engine sent to Kediri, East Java with a piston for Honda dipermak Tiger, the math is calculated, 178cc met. No need to think about this, there are constraints that, just accept something wrong ..

Similarly, electricity. Replaced full Direct Current (DC). The old machine to the electrical systems are generally adopted Alternating Current (AC), as development era this system was abandoned. Because much of the words stable and often problematic.

By embracing the DC electrical systems, then make electrical devices making it more durable Andi bro so confident, following the trend current motor is replacing conventional light bulb (light bulb) with LED (Light emitting diode).

LED is known as electronic components that will burning when given panjaran forward. With the current consumption small, low heat dispensation, can theoretically reach age 20 year. While the main light projector lamps rely on extra-bright. To support the electricity used to monitor battery voltage 9 ampere.Untuk batteries available series for seven segment display. Pretty innovative!

A number of devices that belong to the young brother of choice Honda CB 100. Call it telescopic front suspension Honda Mega Pro complete with braking devices are guaranteed more ciet for adopting hydraulic disc brakes and dual piston provide security and comfort driving. Similarly rear suspension is still taking stereo Honda motor sport 160cc capacity. Some parts donated Honda GL Pro.

Call it Keihin carburetor, CDI, spool, until pulser.
Workshops are working on this bike is VRT modified, in Bintaro, Jakarta.
Starting from paint, lights, until the exhaust. Orange theme Express.Warna and side bags that D1000 makes image dibopongnya Post Office so strong. Apparently, the theme is not far from it. Orange Express itself is a delivery company in the classic Australia.Tampil, Resik, without the worry problematic. Steady!

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