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1973 Honda C 70 - Modification Chopper

Thursday, February 4, 2010 5:57 PM

World motorcycle modifications are full color. New innovations are sometimes nyeleneh, the charger creative ideas rolling. Such breakthroughs were able to attract interest and attention. Bermunculannya more new motorcycle, not a threat to the fans old motors to make modifications. As if those being no less attractive and innovative.

An old motorcycle Honda C 70 lansiran restoration in 1973 has taken the concept of a mainstay Chooper modification. Inspired by the model old motors USA, Ari Brew which is a member of the Classical C-70 Group, and to apply existing ideas in his mind. Armed with a set of engine Honda C 70, began work on the concept of modification. The first step is the making of a custom order. So that was harmonious, the steering handle is also made matching hand made. his handle bars he was setting, so the comfort of the rider feels any better.

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